Divorce in the Christian Church doesn’t seem ideal to many. Some people believe that getting divorced is the end of the world, and that divorce is the unpardonable sin.

The fact is that divorce is a sin, it’s not unpardonable. There’s a major difference around all of this misunderstanding. Jesus said that if a man divorce his wife and marries another person, he commits adultery. Is that forever? Does that man forever commit immortality or adultery? No.

When Jesus says, “Marries another”, doesn’t that pertain to marriage as well. Although this is the second marriage, the first marriage has ended. The clearer lines to this is that divorce in the Christian Church along with remarriage is a sin, but it doesn’t mean the end.

There’s a passage in Malachi, the last Old Testament prophet, when he says, “God hates divorce.” The only reason he says that is the men of Israel in his day, along with Jesus 400 years later, they were considered “serial monogamists”. What exactly does that mean? They were marrying and divorcing at a rapid rate.

Back then, men thought of women as their property. Men would purchase them and almost sell them whenever they chose. The proper way of getting rid of them was a “writ of divorce”, which meant they were free to divorce or remarry if they wanted. The way God saw it was that from the beginning there was one man and one woman.

Adam and Eve were those examples used later on in Matthew 19: 3-12. Adam and Eve were used to show marriage. Later on Moses’ law allowed divorce, Jesus said, was due to their hardness of heart.

Everyone knows people who have been through divorce or have experienced first-hand. Mark Berrier knew a friend that was divorced twice. His friend talked to him about it and felt nothing but worthless. Mark suggested him to read the passage from Jeremiah 3.

Did you know that God hates divorce because he knows the pain of divorce? Did you know that God himself had been divorced twice? The prophet, Jeremiah, in chapter 3 had made it pretty clear that God had been divorced twice as well.

The first divorce was in 722 B.C., when the northern kingdom of Israel was conquered by Assyria. The Israelis were taken captive as slaves to Nineveh. Once again a hundred years later or so, Judah was conquered by Babylon. That time they were taken as slaves in Mesopotamia. In those words, Jeremiah says that God has been married to both Israel and Babylon. God knows and understands the pain. He experienced the pain twice, even though it wasn’t His fault; he was the injured party.

The message is that if you’ve gone through divorce or are going through it, God understands and won’t shun you. From start to end, He is there with you through the painful process of divorce.

Mark’s friend since his two divorces has written a book, God Understands Divorce. He talks about how God has been through it twice and has experienced the same pain. The book uses examples of other divorced couples of the pain and trouble they dealt with during the journey.

Remember: Divorce is forgivable. God does understand.

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