River Oaks Christian Church- The word patriotism has been thrown around a lot lately within the news for many reasons, but what does it mean to the Christian church?
Our friend, Mark Berrier, has fond memories of World War II. Everyone during this war was in support and would do anything to help. Patriotism was the order of the day with factories building tanks, guns, amo and other weapons for the war, along with hanging the flag every day. The women worked in factories while men would go off in the armed forces.


When Pearl Harbor was attacked, American people committed to victory, which no one was unpatriotic during these days.
Everyone stayed connected and supported the war with all efforts through the radio. Moving forward to 2001, the devastating 9/11 happened, but the media was tired of talking about the “War on Terror”. In today’s society, most people don’t have the urge or stomach to handle patriotism any more. After the devastation of 9/11, flags were draped over everything, but today they are hardly ever found. If this were to have happened back in 1941, Mark Berrier thinks we would be speaking German or Japanese.


This didn’t occur because all men drafted themselves for war. Men of all ages such as teenagers of age and older men. Mark’s dad was drafted and passed all physicals, but when the army found out he was a teacher and the breadwinner for his family of six; they allowed him to return home.


The real question to all of this is, where has patriotism gone? It seems that only veterans and a very few of the people and politicians are patriotic. The United States is a place for freedom and liberty, but it seems everyone has forgotten how great this country is. People want to sponge off the government and not work for what they deserve. Most of us do work and love our country. Why else would people in other countries want to come to America?


In America and in the Christian church, we can become what we choose to be, for the most part. We are blessed beyond measure.
One worrisome is that our country has abandoned its founding principles- God and the Bible- that they have been removed from the public square, even taken out of some schools. With the exception of prestigious schools such as Harvard and Yale and other “Ivy League” schools began mainly training schools for ministers and lawyers.
The Bible was the curriculum of colleges and schools. Moving forward to this year and the past decade, the Bible and the Word has been forgotten or pushed aside. If America wants to become great again, we must return to our roots.


The Proverb states, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” In order to be a blessed nation again, both our leaders and people must repent. We must put God back at the center of American life. May God bless this nation!


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