We don’t believe that our faith can grow by sitting in church; our faith will grow when it is stretched and moved. This obtains to the objective of the Christian church youth activities provided through our ministry.

At River Oaks Christian Church, our youth ministries is very important to us. We believe that church is meant to be pro-active, and starting with the youth, it’s highly important to educate and get them involved.

We have various activities for the children to get involved with at our church. Whether they be involved with Sunday School or a hangout, either activities is getting involved within the Christian church.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School is offered at 9:30 Am on Sundays. During this time, the children will actively learn about God by studying His Word. We incorporate different activities other than just reading because it makes learning more fun. Our classes are offered for the ages from preschool up to high school.

Sunday Night Activities

If you’re more of a late night person, we involve the children with themed lessons and times of fellowship. These themed night activities are to help actively pursue God with looking at various religions, discussion and within the Christian faith. Sunday nights are also incorporated with watching movies and hanging out with one another.

Wednesday Gatherings

On Wednesdays, the youth is able to gather with the adults for a time of worship. Worshipping together through fellowship and song really brings everyone together and closer to God. Along with fellowship, there will be time for devotion, testimony and prayer.

Swim and Study

If your child is looking for a fun night of pool and swim, bring them out for our summer Wednesday nights. Wednesday pool nights involve swim, games and fellowship with an evening of Bible study.


Christ in Youth conferences are geared towards the high schoolers. These conferences are held across the country at local college campuses for worship, fellowship and to show dedication to the Lord. Other fun activities involve listening to great live music and preaching. CIY is meant to be a fun atmosphere that brings the kids together for worship.

Sunset Bible Camp

At Sunset Bible Camp, the youth has the opportunity to attend a church camp during the month of June. High school kids attend the first week, fifth and sixth graders are second week and seventh and eighth graders are the third week. Also, make sure to check out the second grade camp!

 Hang Out

What’s better than a hang out with one another and the Lord? Hang out offers an opportunity for the children to develop relationships and have a fun time. The goal is for these relationships to grow and be active throughout the Christian church youth activities as they grow older. These hangouts include video games, ice cream and anything goes kind of night.

Other youth ministry activities to check out through River Oaks Christian Church is our Lowes Building Row.

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