At River Oaks, our Christian church youth activities revolve around being pro-active.

One of the activities that the youth ministries has taken part of a program, Lowe’s Build and Grow.

Lowe’s offers a fun children’s workshop for two Saturdays of the month, along with some Sundays. The Saturday workshops are held at 10 AM on site. The program is free with having receiving a kit as well as an apron, goggles, a protected themed patch, and badges for each workshop of completion leaving with a smile on their face.

There are various kits and fun items to construct during the time spent with the children. Lowe’s welcomes the little builders to learn to how to use home tools such as swinging a hammer.

Lowe’s Build and Grow is something we participate in with our elementary kids.  We take them to this because it is a fun, free event that is held once a month and gives our kids something creative to do.  I think the art of building things with our hands is one many people forget about but in doing this, we are teaching the kids so much and have a blast doing it.

In Seacoast Kids Calendar, this project was featured on August 22, 2015. It was a FREE Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop on “Marvel Avengers Assemble”. So, even the projects are based off of relevant topics happening in the movie world. Thor has been a favorite of many who went out to the clinic.

Some of the different projects can be assembling and building. Half of the project is made from wood and the other bits are made from plastic and paper materials.

They learn to build things with hammers and nails and the sense of pride they have once the project is completed is rewarding to see.  The time we get to spend with these young ones is priceless.

All of the Lowe’s locations offers the Lowe’s Build and Grow Kids’ Workshops, so check out the closest one to you!

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