The new year is based around making resolutions to better yourself and improve yourself. Some of the things we like to focus on are weight loss, quit smoking, quit drinking, and focus on our work more. One of the aspects we tend to not look into is ourselves.

Looking into ourselves a little bit more will make for a better year. Whether you’re wanting to be nicer, be a better person or stop being so lazy. Laziness is the topic for this week’s sermon at River Oaks Christian Jenks Church.

Laziness can derive from many things in your life. Being lazy can have various viewpoints. Some of the sermon ideas are physical laziness, spiritual laziness, and displaying laziness such as Pastor Harold Phillips sitting on a couch while preaching this sermon to the attendees.

Physical Laziness

As for physical laziness, it tends to overflow into spiritual laziness. When we fail to serve others, pray, read and study God’s word…we are being lazy. You can make it as simple as reading your daily devotional in the morning with your cup of coffee. A good, positive word will help you get on with the rest of your day, along with having read God’s word for that day.

Spiritual Laziness

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be spiritual lazy. Why? Because we don’t have time? We have a thousand other plans and errands to run, along with taking our children to practices. Although we tend to be busy people, take ten minutes out of your day to read His Word.

Another great takeaway from being aware of spiritual laziness is not reading the Bible. The Bible is there to read on a daily or weekly basis, whether you’re reading a scripture or a couple pages. The Bible to most Christians is compared to as a software license. In reality most people don’t read it, and they just scroll to the bottom and click “I Agree”. This statement was said by Bill Maher.

Looking more into Proverbs, many Christians might be reading this wrong. Proverbs is interpreted as probable, but not absolute truths. When you’re interpreting Proverbs, our minds tend to go towards something not as realistic. For example, Proverbs 10:4 says, “A slack hands causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.”

As Christians, we sometimes tend to interpret this as “rich” and “successful” compared to the MTV Cribs show rather than having a place to sleep and food to eat.

In the focus of the American life, we see being rich and successful linked to working a high paying job and a job that is on Forbes 400 list. The whole point is providing for your family through diligent labor. Living a comfortable lifestyle that can involve nice things isn’t wrong or looked at as bad, but it’s just not what Proverbs is talking about.

After Sunday’s sermon, try to take away that failure is the only thing a lazy person has to look forward to.

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