Christian Church Youth Activities- Why It Matters?

Christian Church Youth Activities- Children’s ministry matters! How does children’s ministry help kids?

There are many reasons as to why children should be acclimated to the word of God. As a Jenks church that is heavily involved with our Christian church youth activities, here are some benefits for children to be involved in their faith.

  1. Promotes eternal happiness- Kids seem to be happier with life by finding indestructible joy in Christ. How do you get the children involved? You can constantly remind them and introduce them to Jesus. At River Oaks Christian Church, we have a mural that has been painted in our Christian church youth room to summarize the story of Jesus.
  2. Making sense out of life- Knowing who created the world, what went wrong for it to happen, and what is God’s plan to fix it is important for your children to know. You can teach them through a gospel-centered view of the world and how to interpret life from it.
  3. Best Way to Accept Christ- Research has shown children to be more receptive to God and the gospel than any other age group. Children should be introduced to have as much opportunity to believe in Jesus. One way to get them more acclimated to Christ is present good news in age-appropriate ways throughout their childhood.
  4. Help counter balance life issues- As everyone knows there are harmful situations and influences on society. Since that, kids need a more positive outlook and influence on their life. You can help them see God’s values that conflict that with the worldly values. In one way, God says to love other people, when the world says “look out for yourself”.
  5. Learn to love others- This comes from the second greatest commandment there is. This must be taught to children because it will teach them a way of life since love doesn’t come naturally sometimes. Providing real examples and life experiences to love others will show them why it matters. Some ways to show love is through mission trips, prayer partners and ministry projects revolved around the church.
  6. Having fun- The person who invented fun was God. Really? Yes. For his own glory, entertainment and fun seeking can become an idol. When you’re leading young children into ministry, make it fun and enjoyable!
  7. Making new friends- Friends in the church will be friends they will have for a lifetime. Church friends are the best friends. Leading a children ministry, you will want to make sure the children are involved in group activities and building strong relationships in the church.

Kids matter to God and it should matter to us as leaders! Encourage children to be a part of the church and involved within their faith as it provides multiple life benefits.

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