Jenks Church- Since our calendar is based on the birth of Jesus, what is it about him that has changed the history of the world?

God has planned the world, which he includes himself as the main character of history. What is so special about Jesus? He is the Son of God, the Jewish Messiah, and the king of the Universe.

The story all begins with who is he and what he did for us. About A.D. 500, after speaking of John the Baptist, there was a man named Yesu (Jesus). He traveled to Egypt and learned the pronunciation of the inexpressible Name: the name of God. Once he returned to our country and did many practices of sorcery that led him to many of our people. In other words, Matthew says that Jesus was taken to Egypt by his parents, and after he returned to Israel, he performed many miracles and many did believe in him. Some of the miracles for were healing the blind, the sick, the lame, and raising the dead. Not only are these just miracles, but 36 specific miracles are recorded in the New Testament as reference.

The greatest miracle was rising from the dead. No one else in history has said what Jesus said: “No one takes my life from me. I lay my life down. And if I lay it down, I can take it up again.”

Jesus was blind folded and beaten, and then pierced in the wrists and feet with a spear in his side. His blood and water came out of the body together. He was pronounced dead.

Romans were specialists at crucifixion and death. Once he was proclaimed dead, they took him down from the cross, which then he was buried in a tomb. On that Sunday he was buried, something amazing happened while in that tomb. Somehow within that dark tomb he lay, the light of God broke through. Jesus was alive!

This terrified the Roman guards because he was not let out, but he wanted to show the world that he was gone! The next 40 days he appeared to certain believers who were the chosen ones. During those appearances, he made one to a certain believer- his younger half-brother James. Until he showed his face, his brothers didn’t believe in him. After his appearance, two of his brothers wrote books that included in the New Testament scriptures, which were James and Jude.

After the 40 days of proving himself alive, even eating with the disciples, Jesus ascended into heaven before their eyes.

Jesus’ resurrection sets him apart from the world religious leaders because no one else ever arose from the dead. He is at large, and somewhere out there.

Jesus’ resurrection is the true meaning of Easter Sunday (Passover season). We as Christians are his followers if, by faith, we died with Christ, if by faith, we were buried with Christ, and if by faith we arose from the dead with him. This is the meaning of baptism.

Ephesians 2:4-6 tells us that God has done it all! “He made us alive with Christ…raise us up with Christ, and seated us with Christ in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus.” His death is our death. His resurrection is our resurrection, and his second coming will be for us.

Resurrection is true, so we must decide what to do about it.

Join ROC Jenks Church on March 27 for Easter Sunday for Jesus’ Resurrection!